Like us at Hearezanz do you also strive to offer your customers the best sound? With our software your users can personalize their sound to get the final dimension out of your headphone experience.

Want your customers to get the most out of their music in your smartphone? Using our software your customers can easily personalize their music and enjoy brilliant sound with amazing contrast and superb clarity.

Why stop at headphones? With hearezanz software you can personalize the sound in your speakers as well, filling the room with your personal sound.

Our software and your car audio system is a great match. Your car is already personalized in many ways, and with Hearezanz software you can add a new dimension of contrast and clarity to your car speakers.

About Us

We love music! We even personalized it for ourselves, for you, well for everyone!
Your hearing is in fact very unique, so much that it’s worth accounting for when you are listening to music. That’s pretty much what we do, create the best music experience out there.


Hearezanz AB
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