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Headphones now come in all shapes and designs, and they are rapidly becoming smarter. With our solution they can calibrate to fit your unique hearing, giving you the best music experience available.

The obvious music and media hub with endless possibilities to play your favorite songs, videos and audio books.
With our software embedded into your smartphone products, you can add a new dimension of personalization, with the user in focus.

Speakers are now, more than ever ready to adopt more software solutions, becoming smarter and better than ever before. Our software can enable personalized sound for your speakers, giving that extra personal touch to your product.

The car is a highly personalized environment with a superb fit to implement our software. Just like the chair and mirror settings, allow the car speakers to adapt the sound to the driver when seated in the car.

About Us

Hearezanz markets, develops and supplies algorithms for audio consumer electronic products, that optimizes sound based on the users hearing.

Our solution consists of an application, where the calibration and profile selection takes place, and algorithms to calculate the optimal compensation. Both parts can be customized and integrated into the desired customer products.

The competitive advantages that Hearezanz offers is a robust solution, with low power consumption and CPU requirements. We also work closely with our customers to integrate this software creating a unique personal experience, both in terms of audio quality and user experience.

The technology is suited for products such as headphones, smartphones, speakers and cars.

Hearezanz is a privately held company with its head office in Malmö, Sweden.


Hearezanz AB
Östra Varvsgatan 4
211 75 MALMÖ